I provide quality over quantity and have for over 15 years been an advocate for curation. This is an art and craft that creates powerful tools and displays for journalism, content, data, art & education. My name is Tomás Custer. I formed InformOso as part of Rosebud City in early 2017 to cover my project and ventures that are based on curation.

I curate because I know how much news and content is out there. Few can come close to staying informed. My goal has been to find ways via curation to improve how we can be informed about a subject.

Journalism: Providing a human-led news experience, I curate the news and only use technology as an aid or tool. There are no algorithms or artificial intelligence. This is an important distinction as technology is transforming how we interact with news and information in ways that aren't alway better.

Content: I specialize in using curation as a tool for content production to build audiences, craft their expectations and convert some portion of them to aid your bottom line.

Data: The idea is to turn the stream of news, information and content coming out every day around a specific subject into a stream of data available as CSV or JSON. What could you or your application do with over 25,000 data points and 9 million words to utilize per year? See this example DataCannabis.com

Art: Collages from curation? See these examples Curation Collage Collection

Education: Imagine a grand installation where you can walk through an extensive story of "collages" produced though curation. Where you can stop and see snapshots of time captured and displayed week by week and month by month for the entire year. Where you can explore the content within using technology. Imagine the impact of this immersive experience. That is the vision.

Oso is bear in Spanish so think Information + Bear.